Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Get Healthy Food Stamps

Many people say, “the economy is bad right now.” You hear this sort of statement
every week. Most people do not understand why or how the economy is bad but simply know
that this means things are financially difficult right now and that money is going to be a
problem for many of us. Then there are people who this sort of statement does not mean
much to them because even when the economy was good, they were having a difficult time.
My family has been having a difficult time since 2005. That was the year that everything
became harder for us financially.

These government benefit programs are very important resources for many people and many families including my own. My family includes my mother, my stepfather, my eleven year old sister, my seven year old sister, and me. We are five people and we receive monthly food stamps. Without these food stamps we would not be able to afford food. We currently live with my grandmother and for that reason we have a home to stay in. My parents are both unemployed and have no annual income. Food stamps is an amazing thing for us and we appreciate it so much. I know we are not the only family in this sort of situation, there are millions of others all across this nation. If it was not for these resources like Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Lifeline Assistance Program many families would have to go hungry, unassured, or without a phone to be able to contact people in case of emergencies. These are very important programs and not everyone is as lucky as my family to have other family members who are willing to help. Without these programs, I know for a fact that millions of people would be out on the street just trying to survive. It is thanks to these resources that millions of families have a chance to have a long happy life.

Although these programs and resources are very wonderful and important,
sometimes they are not the most effective. One way they can improve is to become more well
known. Food stamps is known by almost everyone in this nation. People know what it is, what
it can help you with, etc. Medicaid is also very well known but there is a lot of confusion
about it ever since Obamacare came into the picture. Medicaid needs to be explained better
to the public, especially now that health insurance is mandatory. Lifeline Assistance Program
on the other hand is not well known at all. If someone was asked about the program they
would probably think it has something to do with elderly people who need assistance not with
phone service. The name itself is confusing and people do not know they qualify for it or
apply to it because they have no idea what it is. By simply making the programs more well
known, they will attract people who really need them and overall improve. Another big way
to improve the effectiveness of these programs is for the process not to be complicated or
cause confusion and to have workers who know what they are doing. My family has been on
food stamps for some time now and the yearly application process is made very simple.
However, there have been times when we have received different information from different
representatives about a problem we may be having. This confusion makes the program very
ineffective. By making a simple application process and having workers who know the
program well and can assists you in what you need, the programs will be extremely effective
in helping the public that needs it.

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